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Highsensivity | Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP)

About highly sensitive persons:

About 15-20% of all human beings (this is probably also true for animals) are so called highly sensitive persons or HSP.

HSP are capable to understand intuitvely feelings of persons around them, sometimes they can even feel their physical pain and sensations. Therefore they are also called empathic persons which is another word for sharing somebody’s feelings.

Most of them think in images, they are creative, have intuition and feel external stimuli much more intense than „normal“ people. This is the reason why they are highly sensitive to light, noise and feel for example hunger and cold much stronger. But this also means that in our modern society they are exposed to stimuli they can hardly cope with, so they choose to live retreated. They usually avoid big get-togethers or parties and stay away from a noisy environment. They need more time than “ normal“ persons to recharge they batteries and find inner peace.

It is possible to see the HSP disposition in a chart. As I also belong to the HSP, I am able to consult highly sensitive persons to meet their special needs.