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What is psychologically-oriented astrology?

To put it simply: psychologically-oriented – astrology attributes to each planet in your chart an archetype by C.G. Jung. It assumes that we are able to discover in a chart our talents and possible ways to develop our individuality.This means that we are not victims of a given fate, but that we are able to influence fate by knowing the language of astrology.

One of my main tasks as an psychologically- oriented astrologer is to show my clients possible solutions of problems or simply show them ways how to grow in a spiritual way by taking their charts into consideration.

I am able to recognize in your chart which life lessons you may expect and furthermore how and when you will manage them best.

Hence, psychologically-oriented-astrology is a guidefor your personal development, including your free will how and in which direction you may go. Imagine that you are on a long journey with a defined aim, but it is up to you to decide how to reach it or where to turn or to make a break.

It is of course an advantage in my astrologic work, if clients, who come for coaching, at least accept the idea of reincarnation, because psychologically-oriented astrology is founded on this idea.

For me personally a chart is a symbolic language of our soul and it detects the way our actual life is planned. It is my task as an astrologer to translate this „foreign“ symbolic language into the mother tongue of my clients so that they will become able to use their charts like a compass while navigating throughlife.

Discover how essential and complex the informations and data are that can be seen in a chart by an experienced astrologer.